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Top 10 dōTERRA Essential Oils

by | Apr 8, 2020

The health benefits of essential oils have been known for thousands of years through out history. The people of Ancient Egypt, China, and India used many different essential oils for their healing properties that we still enjoy today. 

In this post we will cover the Top 10 dōTERRA Essential Oils and how you can incorporate them into your daily life for optimal health and wellness. While these are the top 10 most popular, there are many other oils we will cover in future posts.

If you have any questions about how to use or purchase these essential oils, please give Deavah a call or text at 949-201-9656. We look forward to helping optimize the health of your body and mind.

dōTERRA Essential Oil Lavender

This oil is great for anti-anxiety. Just breathing it in can help you relaxation and relief in addition to helping you sleep.

dōTERRA Essential Oil Lemon

This oil is a great internal cleanser that you can put into water or an external cleanser. You can add it to a mixture of baking soda and vinegar to clean your home.

dōTERRA Essential Oil Peppermint

 This is a very uplifting oil oil that works great for clearing your sinuses.

dōTERRA Essential Oil Deep Blue

 This is a special blend of several oils that is targeted for muscle tension.

dōTERRA Essential Oil Breathe 

Another blend of multiple oils meant for respiratory health.

dōTERRA Essential Oil Tea Tree

A great anti-fungal and anti-bacterial which can help heal cuts and scrapes. Also works well to keep plants healthy and pest free.

dōTERRA Essential Oil Frankincense

A great oil for anything related to the brain. A very spiritual oil that has been used for thousands of years.

dōTERRA Essential Oil Oregano

 The most potent anti-bacterial oil. Greta of cleaning products and can be applied to skin, but remember to add to water as the oil by it self can having a burning sensation on your skin.

dōTERRA Essential Oil DigestZen

 A blend of multiple oils meant for improved digestion. You can rub a few drops directly onto your stomach or drink a glass of water with a few drops mixed in.

dōTERRA Essential Oil On Guard

 Last but not least, On Guard is the most famous well known immune boosting essential oil blend. Works great in a diffuser or applied directly to the skin.

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