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Request Your FREE Rejuvenating Essential Oil Facial Treatment In Dana Point 

Saturday, July 18th (9am- 6pm)

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What You Will Get:

Rejuve and Revive Skincare owner Stella Wellington will be here to pamper you with non toxic skin care products that contain doTERRA essential oils.

  • ZA Full Expert Evaluation of Your Skin by Stella
  • ZFind out what Products will Work Best for Your Skin Type

About doTERRA Essential Skincare:

By integrating CPTG Therapeutic Grade essential Oils with cutting edge cosmeceutical technologies, doTERRA Essential Skincare products provide scientifically proven ingredients and botanical resulting in radiant, youthful looking skin.

Awesome experience. Doing my annual detox, went to First element for detox infrared treatments. Deavah educated me on the additional benefits of adding PEMF treatments, various essential oils to use and adding Chlorella supplements to draw out heavy metals.

After beginning my work with Deavah at First Element Wellness, and adding the augmentation of services to include the PEMF session, essential oils treatment combined with massage therapy, I can’t tell in adequate words the massive impact I’ve experienced in just 2 months.

I have been a true believer and “patient” of Holistic “medicine” for over 10 years and no one comes close to the in depth knowledge that Deavah has. Not only is she well versed she is passionate about her profession and articulate in explaining how and why she is treating you.

Request Your FREE Rejuvenating Essential Oil Facial Treatment

June 6th (9am- 6pm)

My goal in life is to reach as many people out there that feel that they are a prisoner to their health issues.

Deavah Siemens,
Founder of First Element Wellness

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