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Hi! I am Deavah, a Holistic Health Coach that lives and works in Dana Point, California.

I earned my Bachelor of Arts Degree at UC Santa Cruz.  I started my Post Graduate work in Psychology  at Pepperdine University, and was swept into the world of Telecommunications before finishing my Master’s Degree.  After 13 years of working as a sales professional in Telecom I realized that my true passions, health and wellness, needed to be explored.  Working, traveling and entertaining in the corporate world had left me just a shadow of the human being I was before.  I had all the signs of Adrenal Fatigue; high levels of fatigue each day, inability to handle stress, a weakened immune system, “brain fog”, and my joints sounded like they were made of cellophane wrap, crackling every time I moved.  I was working way too many hours, my stress levels were high, I was not taking the time to nourish my body with healthy food, nor was I nourishing my spirit.  There was no balance in my life.

The Change

After three years of working towards my Holistic Health Practitioner license, I was a new woman!!!  I completely cleaned my diet by only eating ONE INGREDIENT foods (nothing processed), only eating organic, pesticide free foods, and eliminating anything that would be genetically modified (no GMOs!!).  I have completely detoxed my house from every chemical and toxin that could negatively affect my health.

I can tell you I cried at my “Western medicine” doctor’s office when she told me that eating healthier would not improve my hormone levels, or make any significant positive changes on my extensive blood tests.  Are you kidding me???? 

My goal in life is to reach as many people out there that feel that they are a prisoner to their health issues.  There is a time and place for western medicine and you may have to take those prescription drugs to manage your health, but if you add some simple lifestyle changes, you can feel and look better no matter what your “diagnoses” are.  We can take back our power to educate ourselves on what is going in our bodies, and take action to heal ourselves.

What is Holistic Health Coaching?

Holistic Coaching addresses disease as an imbalance in the physical, emotional, spiritual or environmental components of a person’s life. I was taught to look at the CAUSE of the illness rather than alleviating symptoms. Within this framework I use herbal medicine, massage, nutrition therapy, aromatherapy, and yoga to empower my clients to bring their own lives into balance.

My Education

  • Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) Training from Yoga Works, Costa Mesa, CA.
  • Certified Massage Therapist License, 500 hour course from The Natural Healing Institute in Encinitas, CA.
  • Nutrition and Herbal Training from The Natural Healing Institute, Encinitas, CA.
  • Functional Nutrition Course at the Functional Nutrition Alliance, 2016 to Current
  • Bachelor of Arts, UC Santa Cruz, CA
  • Post Graduate Studies in Psychology, Cal State Fullerton and Pepperdine University, CA

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First Element Wellness Company Info 

First Element Wellness is a Dana Point Wellness Center that Provides Holistic Health Coaching, Educational Health Classes, Essential Oils, CBD, Electroceuticals and Water Filtration Products to Optimize your Body and Mind.

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