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First Element Wellness is a Dana Point Wellness Center that Provides Holistic Health Coaching, Educational Health Classes, Essential Oils, CBD, Electroceuticals and Water Filtration Products to Optimize your Body and Mind.

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Why Choose First Element Wellness?

Because your program will be catered to you and you alone. Health is not a one size fits all endeavor. There are definitely basic fundamentals that are the foundation of great health, but at the same time each human is unique and therefore all should not be on the same type of diet, take the same vitamins or practice the same exercise program.

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I have been a true believer and “patient” of Holistic “medicine” for over 10 years and no one comes close to the in depth knowledge that Deavah has. Not only is she well versed she is passionate about her profession and articulate in explaining how and why she is treating you. An absolute gem in South County!!

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After beginning my work with Deavah at First Element Wellness, and adding the augmentation of services to include the PEMF session, essential oils treatment combined with massage therapy, I can’t tell in adequate words the massive impact I’ve experienced in just 2 months.

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Deavah is the best! She always has time to chat and answer any questions I have. When I first met Deavah, I was dealing with chronic inflammation, gluten intolerance, and digestive issues. Deavah helped me get these issues under control and how to naturally heal my body. One of the tools she has really helped me with has been thru Essential Oils. 

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Our Dana Point Wellness Center Services

Holistic Health Coaching

With an emphasis on Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practices, we will get to the root cause of any health concerns and get you feeling your best!

PEMF Therapy

Are you an athlete that needs an edge or recovery after strenuous training? Do you have aches and pains? Would you like to sleep better? PEMF therapy is designed to improve microcirculation, so can reduce pain and inflammation in the body and encourage recovery.

Corporate Wellness

Our corporate wellness programs are designed to support employees and the environment that they work in. Not only do they have a positive impact on employee morale, they often present a positive return on investment for the employer as well!!

Our Dana Point Wellness Center Products

Water Filtration

Clean water is the foundation of any wellness and longevity strategy. We recommend alkaline and HYDROGEN RICH water. We have product options for everyone’s budget.

Essential Oils

Plant based medicine products and treatments available.
Essential oils can be used for everything and we want to teach you how!

Supplement Recommendations

After your consultation we will have your recommendations waiting for you to purchase online. We work with Fullscript, a comprehensive online store that offers professional grade supplements that are the highest quality, always stored correctly for maximum freshness and never counterfeit.

Medterra CBD

At First Element Wellness we are proud to offer a wide selection of Medterra CBD products that are guaranteed to be THC free.

Reviews From Clients At Our Dana Point Wellness Center

Deavah Siemens

Founder of First Element Wellness

My goal is to educate people on what is going in their bodies, and to get them excited about taking action to elevate their health. NO, you do not have to live with aches and pains and no energy for the rest of your life! You can look and feel amazing every single day once we optimize your body systems.

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First Element Wellness is a Dana Point Wellness Center that Provides Holistic Health Coaching, Educational Health Classes, Essential Oils, CBD, Electroceuticals and Water Filtration Products to Optimize your Body and Mind.

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